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Protect and Serve

Me and the police.

I’m very very agitated at the moment.

The continual disregard for the lives of Black Americans makes me physically ill.

I had a conversation with Matthew recently about how angry it makes me that ANYTIME I see police, I become nervous and I have done NOTHING wrong.

We were getting gas in McGhee, Arkansas a little while back on our way to Biloxi, Mississippi.  When Matthew finished pumping the gas, he took a phone call.  He was pacing around the car and speaking in an agitated tone.  Next thing I see is a police car pull up behind us he sat in the car for a while, got out and fiddled with his wallet, got back in his car, and watched Matthew.  Then, another police car pulls up beside the first and they sit there, both watching Matthew.  I got so scared, I drove to the other side of the parking lot to get Matthew to follow and away from the police.  We left and the police followed for a while (my assumption is that they were running my tags) and eventually they turned off the highway.

Why was my heart racing? Why was I so afraid for Matthew??

Because I know that because he is a Black man, he is an automatic target.  All they needed was a reason to approach him and that could have been ample reason to detain, arrest, harass, assault, and possibly kill my husband.

SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.  We are human.  We should not have to beg not to be shot by police whose job it is to protect and serve.

Rest in peace to Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Oscar Grant, and the countless other innocent victims of overly aggressive, ill-prepared, untrained, inhumane police officers who have no regard for human life.