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Maria meditating on Pinnacle Mountain


The light inside of you (which is in us all) not only shines on those around you- but multiplies when you reflect the light of others!

Imagine if every time you realized that you had an attitude or were feeling down- you took control of your emotions and decided to smile and do something kind for a stranger. IMAGINE how that would change you! Imagine how that would change your day, your week, your year. Imagine that you inspired someone else to do the same.

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

I realize that I can come off as an idealist or dreamer but this is something of which I am certain:

Any positive change that I have seen in my adult life, began with ME making the decision to see my circumstances from a different perspective. One that is not clouded by the ghosts of past trauma, present pressure, or future fears. One that is steeped in experience, confidence, and excitement. ALWAYS ready to conquer the next mountain.

Because after thirty something years I have FINALLY learned that I am ultimately in control of my experience.

I choose to shine and reflect the light of those around me. I can take no credit for my light. Only honor my creator for blessing me to be me- flaws and all- by being the most authentic version of myself.

I am happy because I love and I am loved. I listen, I speak, I serve. I heal, I create, I destroy. I make mistakes, I make amends. I apologize for none of this because I am made in the image of my creator.

When you realize that it is not only okay to be you, but it is the best, absolutely most fulfilling thing you could ever, EVER do- you can’t stand the thought ever going back to wearing the mask you donned all this years before.


<3 yall.