I’m fat.

So over the last few years, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight.  My normal weight is 130-138. I’m 5’3.75″ (yes, that’s 3 3/4 inches- lol).  My current weight is… Yeah right. Let’s just say it’s more than an upward fluctuation.

I believe there are 4 contributing factors:

1. A health issue that makes it quite difficult to lose body fat
2. I eat WAY more than I did before I got married (Matthew eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner- and is an AWESOME cook.)
3. I am not as active as I was before I got married
4. I am traveling for work 3-5 days a week so I eat at restaurants quite a bit

I used to be able to give just a little effort and see results quickly. NO MORE.

I sometimes feel sorry for myself when I look at myself in the mirror.  I’ve worked out like a mad woman, taken the fat burning pills, juiced, fasted, changed my eating habits, etc. etc. etc. and none of it has made any major dent; at the most I’ve lost 5-8 pounds.  Is it because of the proverbial “Curse of the 30’s” ?? [[SIDENOTE: I know I’m not young anymore.. I am so annoyed by most of the pop culture to which I thought I’d always be able to relate]]

When I living in San Francisco, I lost about 15 pounds.  I attributed that to not eating (i.e. sweet pickles and applesauce for dinner) which I was fine with- I generally eat to live when it’s just me AND I walked at least 3 or 4 miles each day total (not having a car is quite common there and public transportation [BART, MUNI, Caltrain] are the mode of transportation of choice for most.)

Me in San Francisco

Me in San Francisco

How I feel now

How I feel now

Sometimes I forget how much weight I’ve gained but the tighter my clothes get, I can’t deny it. I feel like I am the same but when I look at my old pictures, it’s very telling…  and miss that metabolism lol.. Oh well.

So looking forward this year, I’ll be proactive about getting back on my medication, managing my food intake, be excited about working out again, and updating this thing with a new post entitled: “I’m not fat anymore.” :)




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