Lists + Goddesses.


The women in my family are all goddesses. We deserve to be celebrated, protected, and loved as such. We have to learn to love ourselves immensely exactly the way we are- without the need for validation from anyone else. Be it the men in our families, colleagues, friends or the world...
I was inspired when I saw the pictures from Beyoncé's mother's wedding. I am a huge Bey fan. Some are not and they're entitled to that.  anyway, hear me out.  When you think of pop culture or what's in the news, who are the biggest most talked about people? The royal family, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt.. All Eurocentric. 

Who do our girls have to look up to?? So even if you're not a fan of Beyoncé or her family, the image that they portray is critical to our girls understanding that they are EQUAL TO and as important as any other person in this world; that they are not "minorities" but a part greatness; and that they do not have to be oppressed but can create their own opportunities as well as uplift others! 
But I digress..

It made me think of the beautiful women in my family. The strong, intelligent, talented, driven, passionate, loving, funny, nurturing, women.
What we are is amazing. What we are not is irrelevant. We are made perfectly for our purposes, we carry out those purposes perfectly, and we deserve to be appreciated and loved. Respected. 
I thought about everything that I could remember that the women in my family have accomplished and endured. I am amazed. It's almost unbelievable; and through it all these women have remained the rocks, the strongholds, the organizers, the entertainers, the fixers, the managers, the problem, solvers, and the rescuers.
These extraordinary women I am blessed to call my family. My sisters, my daughters, my cousins, my nieces, my aunts, my grandmothers, and my Mother. I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing beautiful matriarchal family. 
I love y'all.

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