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Beans the Pig Working

Everyday kind of day? Not so much.

So, it’s a regular work day… kinda.

I had planned on working remotely- but everything kept me from getting away from the office.  Frustrated? Just a little.  Anyhow, we got an email from Angela (NEW ME Accelerator founder) informing us that we had all been invited by an impact investor to a small party over in Oakland.  Cool…

So around 4pm I headed out with two of my colleagues here- Brit and Charleson who both happen to be from the Memphis NEWME  Pop-up.  Brit had to go to Best Buy and replace her laptop which had bit the dust the first day here. After we left there, we headed over to Oakland.  The plan was to find some food first.  We went to find the location of the party- the area was Merritt Lake and it was beautiful.  We scrambled to take pictures from the window of the car.


After exploring a bit, we didn’t find food in time and went ahead to the party.  We rode up in an elevator with a really cool chick named Morgan who was going to the same place. There were a few people there at first but as the night progressed, the room filled quite a bit.  It was an easy atmosphere- everyone was super approachable… Which was great for me since I usually sit in a corner and let Matthew ( #MrMaria ) do the networking.  I felt my little chicken wings stretching out. It felt really good knowing that I could hold my own, on my own.  Still, I wished Matthew was there to experience what I was experiencing.

The view?  I felt so dumb that I attempted to take a good picture from the car.  It was absolutely breathtaking.

View of Oakland

YES- I took that picture with my phone.  Here’s one that was taken by one of my fellow NEWME founders-

Me on the 25th floor balcony

Toward the end of the night, the host (who’s home it was) called our attention and directed each of us to introduce ourselves to the group.  QUICKLY. lol-

With a room full of brown faces (there were a couple non-minorities also), I realized that we were standing among a group of African Americans who had created, bought, sold, and funded companies far into the billions.



More than ever I wished Matthew was here!!  Continuously I felt gratitude and excitement. More than I can really describe.  I met some very extraordinary people and by the end of the night, my feet ached- even though I was wearing Sperrys.

We said our goodbyes and headed out.  We all (6 adults) packed in this Nissan Altima and began our trek to San Francisco.  The trio- Bryan, Jarrett, and Kwame were going out and only needed a ride not far across the Bay Bridge.  Little did we know, we’d be stuck in this sardine can for about 40 minutes with all the construction we encountered.


Once we finally made it to downtown San Francisco, the trio exited and we wandered a bit.  This turned out to be yet another fantastic voyage.  We haphazardly found some of the most stunning views.



I felt like a little kid as we all sang the Full House and Rice A Roni songs. lol- It was great.  Finally we decided to go to the apartment, order some GrubHub, and watch Netflix.  We realized we were going the WRONG direction when we saw the Golden Gate Bridge coming closer and closer.  I had been wanting to see it and BAM. There it was. Bad news was 1. We didn’t see an exit to turn around 2. There is a toll and we had no cash.  CRAP.

Just as we thought all was lost, we saw the Presidio exit right before the bridge. We turned off and found the viewing spot and hopped out long enough to snap some photos.  It was super cold by the water.


(Just to prove I was actually there and this isn’t a stolen picture)

Me and the Golden Gate Bridge

By the time we got back in the car and up the road, I knew I wasn’t going to be watching Netflix. I fell asleep in the car and as soon as I got home, I laid in the bed.  My plan was to lay there and wait to take a shower after Brit.  Well, the next thing I knew, it was 10am. lol- so much for that plan.

That everyday- day turned into yet another unforgettable experience here.  I think back on when I was crying on the plane from MEM and praying to God- “I trust you.” Hmph.  Yep, still do. :)



Day 1 & 2- Hit the Ground Running

Monday was a blur.

I arrived at the NEWME offices directly from the airport- luggage in tow.  Justin Dawkins, who Matthew and I met in Atlanta, greeted me at the door and helped me with my monster suitcase.  What a relief.  I went upstairs where the rest of my fellow founders were sitting around the large table in the common working space.  Some I knew, some I did not.  All were friendly and seemed to be a bit apprehensive like me.

There’s Brit from Memphis, Charleson from Memphis as well, Jarrett from Atlanta, Brian from Detroit, and Kwame from Arlington.

We spoke a little and got some introductory instructions then we headed to the NEWME house via Light Rail.  The house is walking distance from the office but since Kwame and I both had luggage we decided to take the easy way.

By the way, when I left Memphis it was about 110 degrees out and as we waited on the train it was about 57 degrees.  I WAS FREEZING. lol

So we made it to the house where  I made a quick wardrobe change and we headed out to Public House (in the front of AT&T stadium) for dinner.  I was put at ease.  While I am still missing home I find that I’m in the company of some really cool people.  We had drinks and some appetizers.  I was full.

ATT Park


Somehow we started a joke about something called the “Trap App” which will show you where to find your local trap house and/or street pharmaceutical clients.  I’m not sure where it came from but it’s a hilarious running joke now.

When we got back, I unpacked some of my things and found this card from Matthew that made me smile and cry all at once.  At the end, it said that he’d put something else in my bag as well.  I looked and found his binky! The Rocawear jacket that he loves so much. :) I beamed uncontrollably.  That man knows me so well.  BUT what he didn’t know is that I took his t-shirt from Saturday, his pajama pants, some of his socks, and my favorite pair of his boxers. lol (Again, on the same wavelength!)

Then, it dawned on me that I would have to actually climb the bunk bed to go to sleep… A concept I didn’t grasp or even consider at first, even though I clearly knew that I would be sleeping in the top bunk.  It proved to be a much trickier task than I could have ever imagined and to top it all off, every move I made would make the frame squeak. GEEZ.

I attempted to do some work but jet lag smacked me in the head and I fell right to sleep.

Beans WorkingThis morning we got to the office and got straight to work.  Lunch was at a Peruvian restaurant named Limón Rotisserie and it was FAWESOME.  Cheap too!

Limón Food

I cannot wait for Matthew to get here.  He is going to love it.

Later in the day we had a Founder’s Appreciation gathering at an outdoor, organic pizza spot named All Good Pizza.  The food was great and the atmosphere was just as great.  Lots of NEWME alumni were there, mentors, lawyers, VCs, etc.  All Good Pizza

I met an alum named Carolina who gave me some fantastic advice and invited me to keep in touch.  I think she will be a great mentor for me and I’m super excited!

More work back at the house after the gathering, and I’m pooped.  I wanted to complete the mock-up for the BOSS App but I’m just too beat.  I decided Beans the Pig and I would move our mattress to the floor and try it out. Beans no bunk I got a second wind after showering but it’s burning out pretty quickly now. lol




Off to San Francisco

The past week was the BOSS Camp- hectic, fast paced, and most of all- distracting.  I knew this day was coming but it didn’t really hit me until Friday, after Camp was over.

I’ve been crying intermittently since then.

Saturday I spent quite a bit of time fighting back tears; Madysen came unglued and cried hysterically begging me not to go; Alyssen sent Beans the Pig #BeansthePig to keep me company.  I’ll be instagramming our adventures. :)

Matthew and I had to come to Memphis on Saturday and have spent every possible moment together for the last couple days. I’ve tried my best to soak his presence in as much as possible.  Last night (Sunday night) I began to feel the gravity of not being able to see, touch, and be with him for the next 3 months.  It was truly overwhelming.  We are together every single day.  We work together, eat together, sleep together, travel up and down the highways – we are literally together 24/7.  He’s my Soulmate and my partner and I am only half a person when he is not with me.

But today was the most difficult.  We stayed in the bed at the hotel until about 9am and got on up to get some breakfast.   We sat in the booth at the restaurant and almost immediately, I lost my composure.  I went to the restroom to get myself together quickly- I wanted every second I could have with Matthew.

I didn’t have an appetite so I ordered coffee and Matthew ordered a sizeable breakfast- he wanted me to eat something at least. I cried off and on and laughed at Matthew trying to make light of the situation.  We both agreed that we wouldn’t do anything like this again.

I opened my email from Joel Osteen, and wouldn’t you know it, the title was “Acceleration”.  Matthew prayed and thanked God for everything- each other, our purpose, and most of all for his perfect plan and allowing us to have the privilege of serving his purpose on our lives.  We had a good laugh at how timely and appropriate those messages always are for us.

I told him that last night I pictured this day and was about to play the song for him that was in the background (think dramatic movie scene) and before I could play it, he said “Is it old school?” to which I replied yes.  He then asked if it was from the Dead Presidents Soundtrack- YES!  He hummed the tune and was right.  We were on the same wavelength as usual.  :) My soulmate and I.   <3

The food took forever, the order was wrong and then was pretty terrible… we didn’t finish it.  Matthew didn’t even bother taking a to-go box! (Anyone who knows him, knows that it HAD to be awful in order for that to happen.)

We headed out for the airport, which was only about 5 minutes away.  It was surreal.  I knew that I was leaving and Matthew wasn’t, but it seemed like some rebellious part of my brain wouldn’t agree.  It felt like WE were going on another trip for work or something.

There was an HBO crew filming and episode for a show called Quarry inside the airport- with which Matthew was fascinated while I checked my bags.  When I was done, I walked to Matthew, standing beside the security line and hugged him as hard as I could.  I didn’t want to let go- it felt like if I did, I would die.  I cried and whimpered.  He tried to comfort me and held on just as tight.  Finally, I let him go, kissed him several times and walked through the maze of security rope.  I took one more look back and saw him walking through the crowd.  I quickly turned back and got through the screening.

When I boarded the plane I saw a picture of me that Matthew posted on Instagram with a long caption that set off another round of tears.  I thought about leaving my family for so long and just began to pray to God- “I trust you.  I trust you.  I trust you.”  It’s all I could think to say.

Now, I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom like I don’t want to go to San Francisco because I definitely do.  I’m torn between excitement for what’s in store at the NEWME Accelerator and missing the comfort of having my family with me.

Matthew rationalized it for me like this-

I’ve always wanted to contribute toward our business and for our family financially, independent of Matthew and here is the opportunity to do so.  I don’t have Matthew to hide behind in new situations, or talk so I don’t have to.  This next few months- everything that happens for us in San Francisco will be because of me.

So here I am, on this United Airlines flight from Houston to San Francisco- scheduled to land at 4:32pm PST (6:32pm CST). As I write this, I’m listening to my music on shuffle and the Chi-lites come on singing “Oh Girl”.  Are you kidding me?!! [SKIP] I can’t deal with that kind of nonsense right now.

I’m excited about all I’m about to experience, nervous about doing it alone, and sad to be away from everyone I love most.

I imagine that all of my posts won’t be as emotional as this one… At least I hope not. Lol

I just want to make everyone proud- my students, my team, my family, and most of all my Soulmate.

Matthew and I

Here’s to the first step!